How do I use pepper spray?

Pfefferspray training with official instructors!

In this video you can see how a professional pepper spray workout works. Such training is highly recommended, because the emergency needs to be rehearsed. With so-called INERT sprays the use with water can be practiced.

Tips for using pepper spray:

  1. Not against the wind (especially with fog sprays)
  2. The Pfefferspray always handy (eg already from the handbag into the Jackentasche)
  3. Take defense position (kneel, safe stand)
  4. Press the pepper spray with the thumb and grasp firmly
  5. Sprinkle free hand to the defense and keep pepper spray on the body

If you take these hints into account, you have a very good chance in an emergency situation to fend off the attacker and escape.

Where can I buy pepper spray?

  1. Gun shops (Frankonia, Cop Shop, Kotte & Zeller, etc.)
  2. Online Stores
  3. some drugstores

As soon as the spray can bears the inscription "For animal protection only", anyone can buy it without age restrictions and carry it around in Germany. Abroad laws may apply.

What is the difference between tear gas (CS gas) and pepper spray (OC gas)?

Tear gas is far more ineffective than pepper spray, because it acts directly on the neural pain center, which is significantly less sensitive by the consumption of alcohol or drugs.
The effect of CS gas also disappears after a few minutes. In most cases, with OC, it will not be possible to open the eyes without pain for about an hour.

What is the difference between jet, foam and fog?

Regardless of CS / OC, the ballistic ray is the most effective.

(ballistic) beam:

  • Fixed, long beam (requires aiming accuracy)
  • wind Stable
  • Range 3-5 Mete


  • Almost identical to Ray
  • Foam adheres to surfaces
  • Dyes mark the attacker
  • But: suffocation for attackers


  • Spreads in the area
  • No exact goals necessary
  • Range 2-4 meters
  • susceptible to wind

What are alternatives / additions to pepper spray?

  1. Self-confident appearance
  2. Nausea or phone calls pretend
  3. shrill alarm
  4. Special, very bright flashlights (Tactical Lights, very bright, sharp edges)
  5. Color sprays that mark and deter the perpetrator
  6. Emergency call apps to raise public awareness (CrowdProtect)

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