Behavioral tips for helpers and help seekers

Here are some tips and hints for behavior in emergency situations

Tips for help seekers

Planning, involving bystanders and the most important: targeted, practical training are essential skills that ...

Tips for helpers

We have developed CrowdProtect so that you are not alone in emergency situations, be it as a help seeker or helper.
Should you witness an emergency ...

General - the 5 W questions

Where did it happen?
Street, House number, Floor, On the road from XY - to XZ, Building, Company, Department ... On motorways and federal roads, please specify direction and kilometer.

What happened?
Illness, accident, fire, trapped persons, special dangers ...

How many people are affected / injured?
Approximate severity of injury

What kind of injuries / conditions?
Eg, unconsciousness, shock, respiratory, cardio-vascularity, severe bleeding ...

Waiting for inquiries!
Do not hang up! Please contact the control center for further information.

Medical First Aiders

The CrowdProtect community also helps in medical emergencies. Therefore, you should inform yourself in advance and get your basics ...

Domestic Violence

Our community is active against violence of any kind. Please turn directly to a professional organization such as (part of the renowned SkF eV) Or their anonymous Consulting Chat

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