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CrowdProtect connects help seekers and helpers in an efficient way ...

How do I call Help / FAQ?

Press the help button when you are in an emergency. Users nearby and your trusted friends are alerted and an audio recording is uploaded to the emergency messenger. In addition, you can trigger a police call.

How help others?

You will receive an alert if someone nearby or a friend needs help. Immediately, you will see the locations of the help seeker and the other helpers and have access to the Emergency Messenger.

App Features

CrowdProtect combines the most important emergency features with the determination to provide the best mobile emergency solution .

Instant Alert

Alarm trigger in less than 1 second - via Apple Watch and soon via external alarm buttons.

Comprehensive Help / FAQ

Alert trusted friends, helpers nearby and the police

Help / FAQ coordinate

Live chat for rescuers

Evidence sammeln

Automatic audio recording when pressing the Help button.

Education Do

Educational and behavioral tutorials and involvement of social organizations.

Social Networks Impact

Active promotion of non-violence, safety and equality globally

External Emergency Trigger

  • "Civic courage 2.0 - very professionally implemented and a useful addition to the classic emergency call"

    Rolf B.Policeman
  • "I've recommended CrowdProtect to all my self-defense students"

    Ludwig B.Self-defense trainer
  • "A great idea for quick rescue - every second counts in an emergency!"

    Klaus J.paramedic
  • "Sometimes it is enough to use the mobile phone and get help or ask for more passers-by."

    Police crime preventionThe countries and the federation
  • "I always use the app when I have to get out at night with the dog, so I can notify my neighbors in an emergency."

    Gabriele K.housewife
  • "Great app, especially if I want to visit a girlfriend in the evening."

    Leoni H.pupil
  • "To improve security in the public space, the police [...] rely to a high degree on the support of the population."

    Police crime preventionThe countries and the federation
  • "I'm much less worried that my daughter will come home unharmed."

    Bettina S.real estate agent
  • "I'm using the app with my girlfriend so I know she's coming home safely."

    Maximilian K.Student
  • "The commitment of each individual is asked to intervene and provide assistance according to their individual possibilities."

    Police crime preventionThe countries and the federation

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Way home:
Most people do not feel safe when they go home alone. CrowdProtect provides security in case of raids, attacks, (sexual) harassment, beatings, stalking, persecution and threats.

Dating apps like Tinder make it easy to meet new people. You should not have to worry about your own safety.

Especially in an unfamiliar environment and when traveling, a quick and easy emergency call can save lives.

Parents and Families:
For the children to come safely to sports, friends, hobbies and school.

Outdoor sports:
When jogging, running, BMX, mountain biking, cycling, hiking, climbing or mountaineering

In the case of riding accidents in unknown terrain or at night in the stables alone.

Senior citizens and senior citizens:
CrowdProtect is an ideal addition to the house alarm and alarm system.

Health impairment:
For example, in cases of heart disease, epilepsy or diabetes, an emergency call should be possible quickly and easily.

Deaf (speech or hearing impaired):
CrowdProtect allows the call for help without speaking. The community or friends can trigger the emergency call and send the police or hospital car to the right place. The emergency call allows easy communication.

Workers / Alumni:
Are you exposed to occupational risks or accidents? Security personnel, bus drivers, taxi drivers, courier drivers, staff at filling stations, foresters and hunters are particularly vulnerable and should secure themselves accordingly.

Frequent travelers:
Business travelers, business travelers and professionals who want to protect themselves on the road (sales representatives, sales representatives).

Traffic accident:
Especially when you have walked off the road or at an early hour, an exact location is important for the rescue workers.

House alarm / alarm:
As a supplement to the house alarm system, because even the best alarm system can have a fault or be disabled.

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