FAQ - call for help

Why do not I call the police?

In many emergencies, it all depends on seconds. Often, however, police or emergency services are not in the immediate vicinity of those affected. Until the rescue workers arrive, helpers on the ground can make a decisive contribution to the rescue.

Experience shows that it is difficult to find the right time for a police call. In case of a bad feeling, the police can help little, in case of a robbery there is no time for explanations. For this you need enough time to establish a telephone connection, to explain the situation and to pass your location. It is not readily possible for the police in most countries, including Germany, to determine GPS data. A query of the location via the mobile phone network is possible, but much inaccurate).

Then you have to wait for the arrival of the police. By contrast, with the CrowdProtect App all possibilities are exhausted and the police are also involved. Each of the helpers can call the police and provide important information.

  1. Many people do not dare to call the police, if they just feel insecure or persecuted. CrowdProtect provides early help and support.
  2. The police need an average of 10 minutes to get to the scene
  3. The police can only help if there is sufficient time for oral explanations.
  4. CrowdProtect offers police quick-dial buttons to all parties involved. Thus the police can also be involved if the situation so requires.

Why do not I just call an emergency physician?

In case of severe emergencies the ambulance is often not fast enough on site (average 10 minutes). It has been shown many times that alerting helpers in the vicinity can save lives. CrowdProtect can provide first aid faster. If a defibrillator is needed, it can be requested by the other helpers.

CrowdProtect, however, is only a supplement to the classic emergency call, which should also be chosen.

Why should I want to alert "non-trained" helpers?

Many of our members are trained first responders, policemen or self-defense trainer. Non-trained assistants can assist, serve as independent witnesses, pass on information to the control centers, or create publicity.

Together with our renowned partners, we will bring the community to an ever-higher level with regard to first aid, civil courage and self-defense.

Is not it very unlikely that something will happen to me?

First of all, the app is mainly there to help others.

However, every person can become a much more likely witness or potential first responder in emergencies. Even if the probability is very low, the consequences are so serious that one should not handle it lightly. Unfortunately, few people want to deal with such unpleasant topics in advance - even in high-risk occupations - and are therefore not prepared for emergencies. The chances are high that this app will save you or give you the opportunity to save another human being.

Do I need this app when I live in a safe area?

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere and are independent of the level of security. Violence can also occur in safe areas. About 100.000 Violent crime is perpetrated annually in public space in Germany. When traveling, one often goes unknowingly into unsafe areas. In the medium term, change in values, training and education are the key to a non-violent society, but CrowdProtect should also provide immediate protection.

Can not I just defend myself?

Great, maybe you could help others in our community. Pepper spray, martial arts and conventional self-defense unfortunately help little if you are in shock, multiple attackers are involved or used weapons. No weapons should be needed to protect yourself. Nevertheless, everyone should be able to defend themselves as well as possible. CrowdProtect makes it easier for its members to find local self-defense courses and draws attention to preventive workshops.

Guaranteed CrowdProtect Help?

CrowdProtect does not guarantee help but is a communication tool. The more information you provide (emergency profile, phone number, instructions, medical record, microphone) and especially the more friends you add, the more likely you will be helped. In serious cases call always additional police or ambulance service.

Does CrowdProtect be light-hearted?

CrowdProtect does not guarantee help. It should by no means be more risk-averse. Through our collaboration with professional self-defense instructors such as KRAV CORE, aid organizations and our violence prevention expertise, we see a chance to raise awareness about the app and communicate meaningful behaviors through the app. Our goal is to best prepare our community for emergencies and avoid them in advance.

FAQ - Help

How do I become a helper?

Once you've installed the app, you'll be alerted about emergencies in your area and emergencies from your friends. These are only emergencies caused by the CrowdProtect app. Emergency alarms from 112 and 110 control centers are planned, but require a comprehensive verification of the alarms alerted in this case. This, in turn, would severely limit the number of helper and help the person seeking help to make a call and no digital transmission of information.

Can I help others at all?

Everyone can help by presence by engaging with the other helpers by calling the police and passing on information by addressing other people and motivating them to help by distracting the perpetrator from the victim or by letting the perpetrator know That it is observed. Civil courage does not mean to throw itself into the firing line, but to do the best possible in the context of one's own possibilities.

You can also help passively by mediating between help seeker and police / ambulance and passing on information (location, emergency profile, voice messages).

What can the helpers do?

- public relations

- Independent witness statements

- Give first aid

- Provide emergency equipment (eg defibrillator)

- Information transfer to the control center (110, 112)

- Keep spectators away

How can I support CrowdProtect?

We are looking forward to every help that brings us closer to our goal. Here are some ways to help us:

  1. Reports actively your friends and environment from us
  2. Get involved in the CrowdProtect Community Facebook Group
  3. Support in spreading the app Ambassadors or Partners

Is not it dangerous to help?

Nobody has to or should be in danger, often it is sufficient to draw attention from afar. Tutorials help you to play situations in advance. With the help of the app groups can be formed and help can be provided.

FAQ - Abusive use

What if the helpers want to hurt me?

Of course, the helpers could also have bad intentions or make the situation worse. The likelihood of two independent attackers teaming up or helping an attacker himself is unlikely. But in countries with high crime this can certainly be the case. If you do not trust your fellow human beings, you can tell them that they only want to alert friends and our emergency call center or have themselves verified in the future in order to only alert other verified persons.

What if the helpers exercise self-control?

Again, this is greatly complicated by our app. On the one hand, all involved parties can inform the police, on the other hand, the helpers know that they are under observation and are informed through tutorials about the expected behavior as a helper. The current verification via Facebook as well as further verification measures in the future take precedence over this problem.

Do not the helpers simply stand in the way of the forces or gape?

First responders are on the ground in front of the emergency services and can save lives. Many of our members are trained first responders but you can also help with basic knowledge. Once the forces are on-site this task is done by the helper. They can still stand by as witnesses or provide emotional assistance.

Against gaffers we go forward. If we receive notification that one of the helpers blocked the emergency aid, this will not be alerted in the future.

What do you do against spam or false alarms?

There are actually a few users who test the alarm with the crowd. We have already introduced as a first step a login with Facebook is necessary to alert the crowd. In the next step, we will use the feedback of the alerted people account lockouts.

Do not the app have many false alarms with the police?

For this reason, help and police button are separated and the helpers get comprehensive information to assess the situation. In the following versions, the alarm process will include escalation levels. A call to the police is triggered when about 30 seconds have passed and the help seeker has given no all-clear or if an alarm can not be sent via the Internet or SMS to the server (eg in underground garages). In addition, we will show in the next update how many people have already called the police.

Will I be monitored by the app?

Who uses a mobile phone should assume that it is already located. We collect the data in accordance with data protection laws and exclusively for the benefit of the community. We do not sell data. In addition, we save only the last location. If you switch off your location data, you can not alarm yourself and can not help people around you. Of friends, however, you can be alerted location independent as a helper.

As a medium-term solution we see the verification of helpers and subsequent approval of self-set locations.

FAQ - Interesting questions

Are not victims often affected by violence?

No! Those affected are not themselves at fault ("wrong" clothing, traveling alone at night, looking for keys, etc.). Everyone should be able to move freely - even at night - and carry whatever they want. Unfortunately, those affected are often not taken seriously or made responsible (victim blaming). Among other things, we counteract this with automatic voice recordings to safeguard evidence.

Would not it be so long ago, if it were good?

There are already similar approaches in other countries, especially the US, which are extremely successful. Only in recent years has the number of smartphone users and network coverage worldwide increased to a sufficient level, so that decentralized North American systems can prevail.

What if I do not have a cell phone?

For children and people without a mobile phone, we work on external triggers with GPS, micro and SIM card, which can also access our servers and even communicate directly with each other.

FAQ for app operation

How do I log in?

In Friends / Helper menu. To do this, click the icon / icon with the two people. You have to connect with Facebook to alert the crowds and friends. This is for the security and prevention of spam.

What if I do not have a Facebook account / do not want to use?

Either you create a new / second Facebook account with an arbitrary email (about 3 minutes) or you use the app only as an assistant. The FollowMe function, which means sharing the location with friends via web browser for defined times, works without login.

Are only people who have the app involved?

Yes, apart from the FollowMe feature. Emergency calls can only be sent via app and helpers need the app to respond to emergency calls. We will soon be making it possible for friends to join without an app.

Do you need a permanent Internet connection?

As a helper: In order to collect your location and see if you are close to emergencies, we need to transfer very small amounts of data. This requires an occasional connection. Should the need for SMS alerting rise, we can do this.

As a help searcher: An internet connection is currently required to trigger the alarm. An alarm by SMS is associated with costs. In case of high demand, we will also enable this.

Does the app not use a lot of battery?

The app uses only about 1% of battery power, unlike other emergency apps due to intelligent control, which is why this factor is negligible. Only during an emergency will more energy be consumed. Who worries about the energy consumption: In the settings of the mobile phone, the consumption of all apps can look up. If the consumption is actually high write us, then we solve the problem for your phone.

FAQ for App Operation - From the perspective of help seekers

Who exactly gets alerted when I press help?

You can choose a combination of CrowdProtect emergency center, trusted persons and other members of the community as helpers.

The maximum number of 10 community members in the vicinity is alerted. These are users of the CrowdProtect app.

The emergency center is operated by the CrowdProtect team and selected, qualified community members. These decide on the basis of the voice recording and the emergency profile whether rescue service or police should be alerted. However, the priority is for the operators to coordinate the assistance of first-aiders on site.

Your friends must also have the app installed, but they can best assess an emergency based on their background knowledge. Invite as many friends as possible to increase your security network and strengthen the community as a whole.

What if I do not have the handy handy?

For this, we recommend our Emergency Button or our free Apple Watch app! The alarm can also be triggered when the screen is locked.

If you do not want an emergency button: Affected persons usually already have a premonition or are aware that they are in an attackable position and should therefore hold the mobile phone ready. Our training helps to recognize these situations.

In addition, you can activate the FollowMe mode, which is already used by selected friends or even by phone and web browser from the "home phone"Is accompanied virtually all the way.

FAQ for the app - From the point of view of the helpers

What should I do if I receive an alarm?

1. First, you should check if a friend or community member is requesting your help and if the person is anonymous or verified.

2. See what was written in the emergency chat and listen to the speech recording, which was automatically recorded.

3. Look at how far away the person is and if you are within walking distance.

4. Now you can decide if you are either running for help (if necessary, bring other helpers) or the police

5. While you are running to an emergency, check to see if other helpers are on their way (green dots), and if it makes sense, join them.

6. When it comes to intervention, remember that only the police is allowed to use force, and it is often difficult to distinguish who is the perpetrator and who is the victim. Therefore keep a cool head and call the police in doubt. No one is helped with hasty intervention.

-> More information is available in our Helper Tutorial

Can you be alerted if you are not logged in with Facebook?

Currently, any app users can be alerted when they are near (under 10km) the helper. In the future, we will give verified members the choice to only alerted and help each other.

Will you be notified when the app is closed?


Is the alarm siren for helpers always loud?

No, it's a normal push message without priority. This means: If your phone is quiet, the siren is off.

We will introduce priority messages in the future. An SMS is sent from a known number.

I just want to help, why do I have a "Help" button?

Use the Help button to call additional helpers if you happen to be near an emergency. Moreover, in our opinion everyone can come into a situation in which he or she needs help.

FAQ for consultants and ambassadors

What is the goal of CrowdProtect?

CrowdProtect's goal is that people can help each other in emergency situations. To this end, CrowdProtect is building a community Helpful people.

Whoever is persecuted, is being attacked, or needs urgent medical care, can simply ask for help with the CrowdProtect app.

How can I support you?

Please read the information on the Ambassador program http://www.crowdprotect.de/botschafter by. You can join as a consultant without much responsibility and be included in the circle of ambassadors with appropriate commitment.

What are the next steps when I apply?

We select the best applications. If you are accepted, you will receive an invitation to the Consultant Facebook Group and Whatsapp as well as a comprehensive onboarding.

What do you do as a consultant?

Consultants give feedback on the app and community and, if they are interested, get responsibility and sub-projects from the ambassadors.

How to become an ambassador?

First you join as a consultant. On the basis of the reports / commitments, we decide who is to have more responsibility and rights.

What are the local Facebook groups for?

The groups should build local communities. We want to train the group members locally, verify them and spread social campaigns.

What do I do as local Facebook groups admin?

Content of CrowdProtect repost, optionally create your own content and be the contact for fundamental questions about the community.

In which regions will there be local groups?

If there is not yet a group in your region, we will set it up.

How much time does this social commitment cost me?

Experience is 10min-3h per week. It also depends on whether and which projects and tasks you take over. We have ambassadors working on 10h every week, but there are also experts who are interviewed only every few weeks.

Are there meetings or is it all about the Internet?

The counselors and ambassadors are spread all over Germany, so meetings are not that easy. We have a Facebook group, WhatsApp group and an e-mail distributor. But there are community events planned with all supporters!

How to become a helper in emergencies?

You are automatically helper when using the app. But we will give options by whom and for what types of emergencies you want to be alerted.