CrowdProtect Counselor and ambassador

Our vision

Our vision is a peaceful, secure and tolerant society in which we can rely on our fellow human beings in an emergency.

Our mission

Our mission is to prevent critical situations and to provide rapid, effective assistance in emergencies. To this end, we and our partners advocate for non-violence, equality and civil courage, and facilitate access to self-defense, prevention and first aid courses.

Become an advisor/ambassador

You share our vision and want to contribute your knowledge and skills?

Then our consultant / ambassador program is just right for you! Through active participation you can be accepted by the Ambassador's Circle.

CrowdProtect Local Community Model

Highly motivated consultants are responsible for building and leading local CrowdProtect groups.

In these stand-alone communities:

  • the vision of community emergency aid is being disseminated.
  • The members exchange views on topics such as security, first aid, civil courage, violence prevention, equal rights.
  • Meetings, workshops and local initiatives can be organized.

How do I become an advisor/ambassador?

Benefits for consultants

There are no costs for you and every activity is voluntary:
- Host a local CrowdProtect group
- Co-determination in the development of the community and app

Benefits for ambassadors

- Signed certificate for social commitment
- Presence on the website
- Contact for consultants
- decision on the admission of new ambassadors
- Leadership of local CrowdProtect groups
- You take part in exclusive events and trainings

What is my responsibility?

The time expediently lies between 10min and 2h per week. We also appreciate passive experts who have little time, but who also contribute their know-how. However, we must ensure a certain level of activity and motivation:
- active participation in our advisory group (feedback on app and community development, response to direct questions / requests)
- Short monthly update to your activities

How do I change from a consultant to an ambassador?

After you have shown as an advisor that you are actively contributing, can be nominated by the ambassadors.

Who are the current CrowdProtect ambassadors?

Great! I want to join! How does that work?

Just click on the button and fill out the form. You will then be given access to the Advisory Board. We are eager to get to know you!

I still have some open questions!

Questions? Feel free to contact us!

Email: or Tel .: 0049 (0) 89 2351 4886

We will gladly send you further information material via email or answer your questions in a telephone call!

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