on your way

Call people around you for help.

Help your fellow human beings in emergencies.

Bad feeling? Are you alone and want to trigger an alarm as soon as possible and get immediate help? Particularly useful for nightly homecoming, outdoor sports or traveling.

Share location? Do you want to share your location with trusted people for any time, so your loved one knows where you are? Especially useful for blind dates, festivals, bar-hopping, night-time walks, hiking or horseback riding.

Injured? You or someone else needs urgent medical help (heart attack, stroke, traffic accident)? In addition to the rescue service, alert your helper in the vicinity and transfer your emergency profile!

App Preview

Imagine you are suddenly in a dangerous situation and need urgent help. Be it a physical threat, a car accident or a medical emergency. CrowdProtect makes friends and community your personal emergency center and sends you first aid from nearby. Automatic voice recordings, contingency plans, and location sharing help you get the best help possible.

  • "The commitment of each individual is asked to intervene and provide assistance according to their individual possibilities."

    Police crime preventionThe countries and the federation
  • "I use the app together with my girlfriend, so I know she's coming home safely."

    Maximilian K.Student
  • "I'm much less worried about my daughter coming home unharmed."

    Bettina S.real estate agent
  • "To improve security in the public space, the police [...] rely to a high degree on the support of the population."

    Police crime preventionThe countries and the federation
  • "Super app, especially if I want to visit a friend in the evening."

    Leoni H.pupil
  • "I always use the app when I have to get out at night with the dog, so I can notify my neighbors in an emergency."

    Gabriele K.housewife
  • "Sometimes it is enough to use the mobile phone and get help or ask for more passers-by."

    Police crime preventionThe countries and the federation
  • "A great idea for quick rescue - in emergencies it comes down to every second!"

    Klaus J.paramedic
  • "I've recommended CrowdProtect to all my self-defense students"

    Ludwig B.Self-defense trainer
  • "Civil courage 2.0 - very professionally implemented and a sensible addition to the classic emergency call"

    Rolf B.Policeman

External Emergency Trigger

Use the Flic Button to make the alarm even easier and faster (from Android version 19, soon iOS)

What our users say

Above 10.000 installations and an 4,7 (from 5) star rating in the App Store speak for themselves.

"The best app in terms of SOS ... Not only send emergency calls, but also people (who have installed the app) in the surrounding area are displayed on demand and called for help."

"A good idea that has been implemented with this app for everyone. It strengthens the sense of responsibility among us and makes us closer together. "

"You have developed a fantastic app with an extremely high potential which could definitely save some people in the near future ..."

"I think the idea is great, civil courage is more and more important in our time, and so should as many as possible use this app."

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