CrowdProtect Behavioral tips for more safety

On foot or by bike?

The following are tips on how to behave best when you are on a bicycle or on foot.

Advance planning is important!

Arrage to meet with your friends beforehand. Together you are safer!

Brightness is your friend!

Take a detour if you can walk on a well-lit, wide street where you can see everything from a distance.

Self-confidence is half the rent!

Go straight up, looking straight ahead and above all purposeful.

Listen to your intuition

If you feel something is strange or you feel uncomfortable listen to your gut feeling. If possible, search for trustworthy people you can join. If no one is around, try to loose the person following you.

Shake off pursuers

Cross the street at a right angle and watch if you are actually being followed. If you find a publicly accessible building / shop go there. Otherwise pretend you live in one of the buildings, go directly there and ring at local residents.

Draw the attention of the pedestrians on you!

When you feel bothered step back and say loudly and definitely: "Do not touch me!" This will alert people around. Talk to bystanders directly and ask for help. If this does not help, press the CrowdProtect Emergency Call Button to alert friends and helpers nearby and start a sound recording and click the Quick Dial button to alert the police.

Selfdefense training

We highly recommend to train correct behaviour and selfdefense. It is important to choose a professional trainer. Prevention as well as selfdefense skills should be trained.

Create an emergency profile!

Especially in the case of medical emergencies or physical violence, it is important that emergency physicians immediately find your medical emergency information digitally and physically. There are already very good solutions, for example the EmergencyQR of Vitabook

Download CrowdProtect alternatively.!