CrowdProtect Tips for helpers

How do I help?

In the following we give some tips and hints on correct behavior in emergency situations

Call others

We have developed CrowdProtect so that you are not alone in emergency situations, be it as a help seeker or helper.
If you are looking for an emergency, use CrowdProtect to call first people and secondly police or emergency physician.
The same applies, if you as a helper by app to summon.

Your own safety

As a helper you should always take care of your own safety and be cautious according to the circumstances. By loud shouting but also the mere presence very much can already be done in many cases.
With CrowdProtect, you can see where the other helpers are and can build a group with them. The protection of the group can reduce your risk. Also, you should try to convince other bystanders to help.

Help without active intervention

As an observer and by summoning other helpers and emergency services, you can make an important contribution.
If you are physically interfering, be aware that the use of force is reserved for the police and that you can make yourself liable with disproportionate intervention despite good intentions. Therefore, think ahead and keep a cool head.

Help after the emergency

In retrospect, it is often necessary to clarify what has happened and who bears the responsibility. Through your neutral testimony, you can make an important contribution especially in violent crime.

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